2-Days Hysteroscopy Course

✅ Hands-On Course

✅ Hysteroscopy Storz and Delmont Operative Simulators

✅ 7 Live Real Patients in Operation Room

✅ World Expert Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki in Bucharest!


Prof. Osama Shawki in Bucharest! World renowed Expert Trainer in Hysteroscopy

Dr. Diana Mihai phD – President of The Romanian Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology

Dr. George Diaconu – Hysteroscopy Expert with supra-specialisation in Onco-Gynaecology


Date and place:

Royal Hospital Bucharest

13 July (09:00-19:00) – Conference Room

14 July (09:30-19:00)- Operation Room



€ 1,300 for SREG Members (or €1,500 full price)



This course is hands-on with real patients and we need to make arrangements in advance and only a limited number of participants available. Register as soon as possible to secure your place!

* Do you have a patient you want to help? She will not pay for the operation if she comes to the class as a model and will be operated by the doctor who brings her and Prof. Osama Shawki.

Contact us as soon as possible to establish the details!


What you will learn

  • HANDS-ON operative hysteroscopy on Storz and Delmont Simulators

  • HANDS-ON real diagnostic hysteroscopy

  • Participate in the Operation Room at 7 hysteroscopies: myomectomy, polipectomy, septum, istmocele, T shape uterus, PRP subendometrial injectioneo.

About the speakers

President and Founding member of SREG, Vice-President of IASRM. Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Specialist in Infertility and Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, international trainer in Gynecological Aesthetics, certified in Urogynecology, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Ultrasound, Colposcopy, IVF

Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

Gynecology Surgery Expert, Professor at „Cairo University’s School of Medicine”, Board member of ISGE, Director of H.A.R.T (Hysteroscopy Academy for Research and Training), international trainer in advanced hysteroscopy

Dr. George Diaconu

Gynecologist, Obstetrician, overspecialised in Gynecological Oncology and Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy), Breast conservative and radical surgery, Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery, Aesthetic Gynaecology


Royal Hospital Bucharest

Splaiul Unirii 313A, București 030138, Romania


Day I  (13 July 2023)

09.00-09.10: Welcome speach – Dr. Diana Mihai

09.10-09.40: Motivational talk. Building personality of success: Discover your inner power and achieve life and professional success – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

09.40-10.25: Mastering techniques of hysteroscopy: manual of instruments, gadgets, techniques, distention system, challenges, trouble shooting and ergonomics of brain/eye/hands coordination – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

10.25-10.45: COFFEE BREAK

10.45-11.10: Office Hysteroscopy: making hysteroscope to be gynecologist stethoscope – Dr. George Diaconu

11.10-11.40: Vaginoscopy and endoscopic vaginal procedures: A new vision in world of endoscopic surgery – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

11.40-12.20: Hysteroscopy and congenital uterine anomalies: the hysteroscopist as plastic surgeon – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

12.20-13.00: LUNCH


Day II  (14 July 2023)

13.00-13.30: Optimizing IVF resultsDr. Diana Mihai

13.30-14.10: No more D and C , No more Hysterectomy: Role of hysteroscopy for managment of uterine bleeding – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

14.10-14.30: Recurrent abortion and implantation failure – Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

14.30-15.00: Asherman – nightmare of gynecologists Prof. Dr. Osama Shawki

15.00-15.15: COFFEE BREAK


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